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Old 10-02-2023, 01:57 PM
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Really interested in hearing the full story.
And did this apply for the previous DECADES ?
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Old 10-19-2023, 09:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Initiator001
Gary Rosenfield/AeroTech is posting that motor shipments of less than 30 grams propellant each and a gross shipping box mass maximum of 25 lbs can ship WITHOUT HAZMAT fees.

Also, motors with greater than 30 grams of propellant but no more than 62.5 grams of propellant each can be shipped in a box with no greater than a 10 lbs gross mass again NO HAZMAT.

I am waiting to hear more about how this came about.
Reading comments about the late Jerry Irvine's apparent contempt about hazmat fees, I agree with him.

My position: ground shipping and a warning label should be the only requirement for anything less than what hazards these present: about the small propane cylinders used for camp stoves and lanterns: “They can also be projectiles when heated, so when they explode they can go hundreds of yards.”

The privileged because they have stronger lobbies:

§ 173.6 Materials of trade exceptions.

How to Use the Materials of Trade (MOT) Exceptions

Private fleets often transport hazardous materials (hazmat) while performing a service. These quantities are minimal and pose less of a hazard if released. But do these materials require compliance with the Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR)? It depends.

Some of the most common MOT include gasoline, welding gases, aerosol paints, paint thinners, charcoal, propane, batteries, and various consumer commodities. The MOT exceptions do not apply to self-reactive materials, poisonous by inhalation materials, or hazardous wastes.

NO hazmat fee for these:

And APCP and BP are no more "self reactive" without the application of FLAME than either of those.
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