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Old 11-13-2020, 04:25 PM
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Originally Posted by ghrocketman
Steve-I would try wicking in some thin CA into those cracks and press down hard.
You may find you won't see the cracks anymore.

I have built and still have all the Semroc SLS kits in flyable condition except the SLS SkyHook and Brighton. Not interested in those because they didn't exist in the past.
I still have NIB SLS Hustler and Lil Hustler kits too.
They are all great fliers .

Originally Posted by LeeR
Iíve done a few repairs to cracks like GH suggests. On cracks that can be spread open a bit, Iíve applied epoxy, and forced into the crack with a gloved finger dipped into denatured alcohol. Then wiped smooth to make sanding easy.

Unfortunately, most of the flying fields in Colorado are hard soil, sometimes littered with gravel, occasionally cactus. Bigger chutes and a lot of praying for a soft landing are common.

Steve, if you lived close by, I give you a partial can of the old Krylon white. I painted a small rocket with a 20 year old unused can this past summer. Still sprayed just fine. One partial can I had was pretty well dried up, which is what I was expecting from all my old stock.
I appreciate the generous offer Lee and this year I wish I was in beautiful CO rather than down here in the ravages of hurricane land LA 2020. Yeah, my old Krylon collection sat in nasty water for a couple of weeks during hurricane Katrina in August 2005 so when I moved across Lake Ponchartrain all spray paints and ruined stuff got discarded. Most of my old Krylon was partially used cans and those didnít work well anymore anyway.

Iím going to try either the thin CA or Epoxy. Itís strange the tabs are still holding strong in the slots so I donít want to pry too hard and risk snapping the tabs so I may try the CA first and press down hard to see if that works. Iím not sure I can spread the fins enough to wick epoxy in there. Itís mostly aesthetic but the cracks look terrible.

I love that rocket and I have another one stil in the bag. I want to fly it when our field opens again in the Spring.
Steve Naquin
TRA# 677 L2
NAR# 85518 L2
SAM# 0052

🚀 In Construction: Der Blue Maxx/Minie-Magg 5.5Ē & Vander-Burn MDRM Clone w/Stickershock23 Custom Decals
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🚀 In Build Queue: Estes Doorknob w/Vander-Burn Rocketry Upgrade Kit [Sport Decor], Semroc Centurion-F, Semroc Egg Crate
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