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Old 02-26-2019, 09:26 PM
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Default Naro, Nuri, and "mini-Nuri"

Hello All,

Below is scale data (including drawings, photographs, data tables, and video) and historical information on two South Korean satellite launch vehicles; also, an article by the “HANAX” Korean space program blog confirmed a hunch of mine, that a “mini-version” of their latest SLV would come to fruition.

The KSLV-I (Korea Satellite Launch Vehicle-I, see: and [video: ]), also called Naro after its launch site, was South Korea’s first SLV. It consisted of a modified Russian-built Angara URM [“Universal Rocket Module”], topped by a KARI (Korea Aerospace Research Institute, see: )-developed, guided solid propellant second stage. After two failures, the last of its three launch attempts placed Korea’s STSAT-2C into orbit in 2013 (see: ), and:

KARI’s new, entirely domestically-produced KSLV-II (which is also called Nuri, see: and ) is a three-stage, all-kerolox rocket powered by four 75 tonne thrust, KRE-075 first stage engines, a single vacuum-optimized KRE-075 on its second stage, and a 7 tonne thrust KRE-007 in its third stage. The name Nuri, which is the ancient Korean word for “world,” was chosen via a nationwide contest (see: ), and the first flight test of KSLV-II hardware occurred late last year:

On November 28, 2018, KARI conducted the first test launch (suborbital, see: and [videos: ]) of the TLV—Test Launch Vehicle (of the KSLV-II)—which consisted of the rocket’s 2.6 meter diameter second stage. The TLV was 25.8 meters long. Also:

Noting the performance and size of the KSLV-2’s second stage (similar to that of the long-tank Thor, having one 75-tonne [165,000 pound] KRE-075 thrust engine [which KARI is working to upgrade to over 86 tonnes of thrust]), it occurred to me that this stage, if fitted with the Sea Level—short-nozzle—version of the KRE-075 engine (which apparently was done in the case for the TLV flight), would make a good first stage for a small-satellite—and/or smallsat “glory”—carrier rocket.

(Glory is the term for a group of unicorns. As individuals, unicorns are very shiny, and also luminous, especially with regard to their horns, or alicorns. A group of unicorns is dazzlingly bright. Like unicorns, satellites are also very shiny, and sometimes—if equipped with strobe lights and/or colored navigational lights—they are also quite luminous in the night sky. ISRO has orbited the largest glory of satellites so far, when they successfully launched 104 satellites, mostly CubeSats, from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre on February 15, 2017.) As well:

Here is a Korean spaceflight Twitter feed (see: ) that mentions a KSLV-II second stage-based “Small Space Launch Vehicle” (SSLV [the “mini-Nuri”]). Also, here—in a “HANAX” article—is brief information on this use of the KSLV-II second stage (this is the English translation: ; the original Korean-language version is here: [if the English version doesn’t appear, just click the “Translate This Page” box in the upper-left-hand corner of the screen]). The upper stage of the KSLV-II second stage-derived SSLV could be either the “stock” KRE-007-powered, kerolox KSLV-II third stage, or perhaps the same guided, solid propellant upper stage that was used in the KSLV-I (such a configuration would be rather similar to the U.S. Thor-Burner II: ).

I hope this information will be useful.
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