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Old 04-30-2020, 12:08 PM
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Originally Posted by 5x7
Your motors last appeared at East Coast launches around 15 years ago where there was private insurance and the AHJ was supportive. The vendor seems willing to provide them again, so have the vendor bring them and announce where they will be. Judge the market by the rate of sales. Don't put something in the mail to some poor sucker because you 'know' it's OK.

I and I assume others are sick to death of vaporware motor announcements. The happiest times were when Estes brought out 29mm bp motors with no fanfare - just put the motors where their mouth is.

Absolutely... less talk, more action.

If you invent a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door...

Later! OL J R
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Old 04-30-2020, 12:19 PM
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Yes, my reference for the large models is either the Aerotech G-12 32mm reload or G-12 single use 29mm motor they are trying to certify if they can keep temps low enough. 8 or 12 second burn time, about 5 pounds spike off the pad for a second, 2.5-3 pounds sustained thrust. Lower average thrust won't work for me for these sizes of a model with weight ready to fly of 27 oz or so assuming that includes a 4.5oz to 5 .5 ounce motor.

For people with more standard pod and boom type gliders where the motor is mounted on the cg so cg shift isn't so important, the weight may not matter and smaller average thrust may be fine.

Can you answer for your 120G008 weight is before and after burn and what your pad kick thrust actually is in lb/oz or whatever?

Originally Posted by Jerry Irvine
A 120G008 is a model rocket motor. If you neeed 12+N then you ether need 38mm or a much faster burn propellant in 29mm.

I would give you links but al my websites are down right now. Maybe look at wayback machine G008 and H25 to begin with. You have not specified if you need an initial thrust slug. I am kinda curious what plane folks would prefer.

An AT 29mm 80F10 for example has about 2 pounds for 0.5-1.0 seconds with its RAT core. A G008 has an offset moon so the initial slug is closer to 1.5 seconds.

The motors I actually have in the longer burn are not for rockets or airplanes and have no initial thrust slug. This would be a modification.

RC Rocket glider kits
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Old 04-30-2020, 03:31 PM
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It sounds like you are covered. the promass is 62g. The casemass is approximately 40g. It is phenolic. They are no longer certified. My lack of certification is political not willingness. My membership status is "denied". I have plenty of them and I am thinking they will be among our DOT exempt line in a few months. The G008 is a truly awesome motor as is the 38mm H25. I have had a few boxes of motors ready for cert since a little after 1994. The ones I already submitted ended up at private sport launches in NV where they were intended to be tested that year. For TRA/NAR.

Just Jerry
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Old 04-30-2020, 03:34 PM
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Posts: 336

that would be an interesting motor but sounds like you don't have any plans on making those are getting them recertified?

Originally Posted by Jerry Irvine
It sounds like you are covered. the promass is 62g. The casemass is approximately 40g. It is phenolic. They are no longer certified.
RC Rocket glider kits
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Old 04-30-2020, 04:20 PM
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I LIKE the NO CERTIFICATION attitude. Sounds like a cool Super-Roc motor.
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