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Old 01-19-2021, 10:27 AM
Don Altschwager Don Altschwager is offline
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Default Estes Foam Body Shuttle Kits

So Estes kit #1337 Space Shuttle Orbiter was a foam body kit with parachute recovery. Starter Set #1467 was also a foam body shuttle orbiter but with glide recovery (ok, mine fell more like a brick).

I was just wondering, was the foam body tooling from kit #1337 just re-worked to create the #1467 version?

This is what I came up with for a list all the "Shuttle" kits:

1284 Space Shuttle (full stack)
1337 Space Shuttle Orbiter (Foam body, parachute recovery)
1385 Space Shuttle Columbia (orbiter, straight sides built up from card stock, unique plastic nose cone with OMS pods)
1391 Mini Shuttle (Mini Engine powered)
2183 Shuttle Express (E2X, twin gliders)
7246 Estes Shuttle (Not the real shuttle, but pretty cool)

1424 Space Shuttle Starter set (has #1385) 1982
1425 Space Shuttle Orbiter Outfit (has #1337) 1980-81
1433 Space Shuttle Starter Kit (#1385) 1983-85
1441 Space Shuttle Starter set (#1385) 1988-91
1462 Shuttle Express Launch Set (#2183) 2011-2014
1467 Space Shuttle Starter Set E2X (Unique kit) 1995-2001
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Old 01-19-2021, 11:17 AM
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There was also the Centuri kit and outfit. I know your title says Estes, but this was from 82-83, after the two companies started interchanging things including parts, catalog publishing, etc. The Centuri shuttle kits were still done with Centuri parts and styling, including the classic Powr-Pad in the outfit. The kit was very similar to Estes 1385 in design but didn't have "real" OMS pods.

5343 NASA Space Shuttle Columbia
5206 NASA Space Shuttle Columbia Outfit
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