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Old 06-15-2018, 02:05 AM
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Originally Posted by RocketRohde
I pulled out my original Centuri Phoenix Bird while at home for lunch. I brought the upper section back with me and can tell you the following: The visible adaptor has a coupling 1.5" long with 1" to hold onto the lower tune. The remainder is a .5" cone with a eyehook for connections. I assume the upper coupling is the same, but since its been glued together for 39 years, I can't tell. The middle part that is the same diameter as the tube is .875" long. The upper tube is 7" long. I didn't bring the lower half so I can't give you a length on that.

Thank you! You also noted a dimension that is different than in the Enerjet 1340 Sounding Rocket, which--along with the 7.0" payload tube length--is good to know. In the 1340, the "tube diameter-matching portion" of the tubing coupler (the only portion of it that's visible when the rocket is assembled for flight (or display) is 0.10" long (see page 2 here: ) I had assumed that this was also the case for the Centuri Phoenix Bird's tubing coupler (both rockets are the same outside diameter, but the 1340's body & payload tubes are thicker-walled), and this difference enables perfect replication fidelity to be achieved, and:

Knowing from the Centuri catalogs that the Centuri Phoenix Bird is 26.3" long, from your measurements that its payload tube and exposed tubing coupler section are 7" and 0.875" long, respectively, and from the Enerjet catalog that its nose cone is (not including its shoulder) 6.40" long, the Phoenix Bird's lower body tube is 12.025" long (I wouldn't be surprised if it's actually 12.00" long, since the Phoenix Bird's length is only given to tenths of an inch, not hundredths [or the Centuri nose cone might be 0.025"--less than 3/100ths of an inch--shorter than the Enerjet one, which wouldn't be noticeable unless measured]).

26.3" - (7" + 6.40" + 0.875") = 12.025"
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Old 06-16-2018, 01:18 PM
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Originally Posted by tbzep
I've got to get me a white lab coat so I'll look smart.

LOL I wore a blue lab coat in the mechanic's shop in high school... kept my clothes clean and didn't have to change clothes or worry about getting greasy/oily...

Later! OL J R
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