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Old 01-24-2023, 12:52 PM
ghrocketman's Avatar
ghrocketman ghrocketman is offline
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That was a pretty decent PRANG !

I think you should try the C11-7.
When in doubt, WHACK the GAS and DITCH the brake !!!

Yes, there is such a thing as NORMAL
, if you have to ask what is "NORMAL" , you probably aren't !

Failure may not be an OPTION, but it is ALWAYS a POSSIBILITY.
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Old 01-24-2023, 01:12 PM
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astronwolf astronwolf is offline
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Originally Posted by MrTwisty

This is the spent C11-5 motor.

That's what Estes will want to see.
-Wolfram v. Kiparski
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Old 01-24-2023, 03:04 PM
MrTwisty MrTwisty is offline
Intermediate Rocketeer
Join Date: Jan 2023
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Originally Posted by astronwolf
That's what Estes will want to see.

Hell I'll send Estes the spent engine and it's mate from the package if it would help them eliminate these issues in the future.
I have a pile of obliterated rockets but something like this would be heartbreaking to a kid.
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Old 01-24-2023, 04:16 PM
MrTwisty MrTwisty is offline
Intermediate Rocketeer
Join Date: Jan 2023
Posts: 74

So I have about 120 spent motors of various sizes in a bowl in the garage that I was going to make a wood bee nest out of.
We get failures all the time but I usually just carry on.
I just quickly went through them, looking at just the topside to see if all the clay was ejected.
I put 7 to the side that had a large amount of remnant left.
2 are C6-7's, same date code- C210421
2 are C6-5's, same date code- G210821
1 B4-4- A220322
1 A8-3- E210621
1 1/2A3-4T- G220922
The fact that out of about 120 motors I've fired off in the last year there are matching date codes in motors that look questionable is highly suspect.
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Old 01-24-2023, 06:05 PM
MrTwisty MrTwisty is offline
Intermediate Rocketeer
Join Date: Jan 2023
Posts: 74

Mr. Twisty after repair with a D12-3 and burning debris.
At the end of the video you can see the rocket on the right side, the motor mount assembly with parachute on the left and burning debris in between.
This is an upscaled Tazz so there is no wadding to burn.
Parachute is not singed.

Am I just noticing this more because I'm doing night launches?
Or is it another motor issue?
I don't remember this much burning debris in the past.
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Old 01-24-2023, 07:21 PM
5x7's Avatar
5x7 5x7 is offline
Sometimes collector
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That looks normal for dusk - agree the difference is dramatic.
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Old 01-24-2023, 09:26 PM
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blackshire blackshire is offline
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Originally Posted by ghrocketman
When I flew a lot more back in the 70's and 80's, problems like these were VERY FEW and far in-between.
Never had ANY failures to eject nor nozzles spit from casings.
Few catos as well.
With modern technology this should happen even less, NOT worse.
Indeed--even a "questionable" old-type Estes "B" single stage motor (it was old enough that it had the original, paper ejection charge plug, and also the old-style label, and it came in one of the original packing tubes) worked perfectly for us. Also:

Its ejection charge was quite loose; we could hear bits of it rattling around inside the casing. My father didn't want to risk a well-built-and-painted rocket on that motor (he built his kits like Mike Hellmund's Estes catalog kits, and like the ones that Centuri had built for their catalog photos--by Leroy Piester, or maybe Douglas Malewicki? [incidentally, *here* is a video tour, conducted by Leroy Piester, of his Centuri Rocket Museum]), and:

That Estes motor--Dad had marked it with several question marks--made many trips to and back home from our nearby northern Georgia flying field, but one day my Estes Antares (I believe it was) got "buggered-up" enough (the wind had caught it right off the Tilt-A-Pad's 1/8" rod, and it spiraled horizontally into the ground) that I considered it 'expendable.' I loaded it up with the questionable "B" motor and launched it, and the motor--which had to have had cracks somewhere in its "propellant/delay/ejection charge 'stick'"--worked perfectly!
Black Shire--Draft horse in human form, model rocketeer, occasional mystic, and writer, see:
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