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Old 11-17-2023, 05:38 AM
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Originally Posted by scott_mills
Just wanted to show a few fin things I've made in the first week of] operation

That is pretty handy. I?ve said it before, but I could see that, for me, a laser cutter such as this would be a much more handy thing to have than a 3-D printer, at least at the current quality output of the average 3-D printer. I?m still not impressed at the finish quality of even some of the better 3-D printers at this point.

By the way, I have no concept of how fast these machines cut. I?m sure it varies some, but how long roughly does it take to cut a sheet of items like that in your second photo?

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Old 11-17-2023, 03:29 PM
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Thanks for the insight. Not that a laser cutter is in my budget but still good to know.
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Old 11-17-2023, 04:29 PM
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Do you want a tool or another hobby?

It's simpler and more affordable to locate a laser cutting service rather than owning one.

I recommend getting a cheap 3D printer to practice repairing things yourself.
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Old 11-17-2023, 07:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Fattbank64
Do you want a tool or another hobby?

It's simpler and more affordable to locate a laser cutting service rather than owning one.

Another possibility is to find a nearby makerspace. Some universities or libraries have one; there is a housing development to the west of Fort Worth which offers one as an amenity. There are independent makerspaces in many cities. A huge advantage of a makerspace is that you can often take classes to operate or design for their laser cutter.

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Old 11-17-2023, 07:11 PM
scott_mills scott_mills is offline
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I do like the idea of Maker spaces, however with the price of monthly membership $50, I can pay for the tools that I need. instead of 10 months of fees I will have my own cutter, which can amortize pretty quick with the right uses.
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