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Originally Posted by Gus
Not that this discounts the beneficial effect of the the pistons. Just that floating and fixed heads aren't very different in terms of the extra impulse they impart.

Some might note that in the B6 eggloft video, you can see micro-clips falling down inside the tower, after the piston begins to move up and the clips slide off the external wires of the ignitor as intended. I never got around to trying to use internal ignition in a Floating Head Piston (Well, I could not devise a good way to do that, without being a more precision and time consuming prep than I felt comfortable doing, over and over reliably). And as a result, there's a bit of pressure loss as a result (slight gap between engine and tube due to ignitor wire thickness up along the side).

While my Teammate Chan Stevens has his system nailed down for a floating piston head with internal electrical connectors. But he has to do a very precise and unforgiving prep to make it work, without accidentally unplugging the internal leads to the connectors in the piston head during the process. He does it well.

By contrast, with fixed head pistons, since around 1977 or so I'd been using a very successful internal ignition electrical system that many people copied, later vastly improved years later by SIP sockets (though that was also something that a lot of people arrived at independently, too).
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