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So, back on track, here is a video of a C6 powered Superroc, being launched using a floating head piston, out of a 6 foot tower. The video goes to slo-mo for launch, but the audio does not, so never mind the audio. This was a test flight at home, to see if that model held together using that piston. It flew pretty well.

After all, all these posts about FH pistons, and most in this forum have not seen one work (or even fixed-head pistons).

Here is another test. B6 egglofter using a FH piston. To keep things aligned in the tower, the piston tube had two centering rings, the OD equal to the OD of the egg capsule. Once the model goes out of sight, nothing else to see, so no need to watch to the end. And once again, the audio is screwy.

The vertical camera angle, under the pad but a bit to the side, usually upwind (avoid smoke), is a great way to get video for test flying. Sometimes things go screwy that you'll never see real-time by eye, or even in a side view video.
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