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Default Wow its been a long time!

I haven't logged in here in a couple of years! Things look different.

Anyhow I am posting this here because it is sort of a report

I was cleaning up my shed the other day and came across an old model rocket kit. It had never even been opened and the tubes were in good shape!

For a little while I was really into smaller model rockets and have all kinds. Also launch kits, engines, etc.

So I put that kit together (An Estes Ricochet) put a few rockets into the jeep and drove out to a large field.

First up was the new kit. Flew quite well, but I did not make the recovery streamer big enough, came down and snapped a fin loose. It was done for the day.

Next up was a much bigger rocket. I don't forget the name but it stands 36" tall and 1 1/2" diameter. It uses an E size engine or a D size with an adaptor. I stuck a D size in there and forgot the adaptor. When I went to put the igniter in the engine slid forward and immediately I realized what I had done. Cant fly that one, could not get the engine back out in the field.

Last was an old kit but a fantastic performer. The Estes Goblin. This little guy is all engine! It takes up to a D size engine. For the first flight I put a C size with the appropriate adaptor, a C63 and if flew great, several hundred feet with like a one second burn. Recovery was within 20 feet of the launch site! So I 'gassed' it up and put a D12 in there and let it rip. WOW that had to be well over 1,000 feet with what seemed like a 3 second burn! It took like 30 seconds to come down! Recovery within 30 feet of the launch site!

With that I packed up and went home with a smile on my face. I will have to do this more often!
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