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Originally Posted by the mole
John has posted on the other forum. The other Saturn V was briefly shown at the NARAM 60 manufacturers forum. It will be a 1/200 scale model, all molded in plastic and completely painted and ready to fly other then attaching the parachute.

"So the wraps will be new?"

Other then the new injection molded fins that made it into the last release every other piece of plastic is new. There is in fact a completely New plastic item that will make the build much easier while adding more scale detail. The capsule and escape tower are a piece of cake to assemble now. This version should be a more accurate version of the Apollo 11 launch vehicle.

John Boren

I'll take a guess that the S-II interstage is the new plastic item.

Though as someone at our launch mentioned to me today, it would be nice if the F1 fairings were injection molded and more conformal to the tube (the person at our launch had applied thick epoxy/microballoon fillets to their F1 fairings).

is the cm/sm conduit bigger and on the opposite side of the cm? (indicative of block 2 CM instead of the block 1 cm that the original parts were designed from)?
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