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Originally Posted by snaquin
A two-stage PenCam carrier .....

While waiting the five days for my two Aiptek Mini PenCam 1.3 cameras to arrive, I set out to build a quick and basic rocket to fly the camera in. Appropriately named "Aiptek Mini PenCam 1.3 Rocket" I found parts & fin cans from a couple of Estes Eliminator and OOP Longshot kits and some lengths of Semroc series 13 tubing.

The parts I selected stacked up to be an Estes Longshot only with Estes & some additional Semroc parts including a Mars Lander nose cone - a short length of Semroc ST-16, and the short Semroc BR-1316 transition. Although it wasn't my intention, after looking at it in RockSim I realized the capsule somewhat resembled the old Estes Camroc.

My main design goal for this project was quick assembly with the plastic fin cans and to get the camera in the air and launch it tomorrow, but the weather is flaring up again. I have since abandoned this design although someone else on the forum may have interest in it.

Length: 35.75"
Diameter: 1.64" (ST-16)
Fin Span: 5.716"
Weight (with camera): 8.21 oz
Weight (without camers): 5.76 oz

Well heck yeah. With all the interest that has been generated in the pencam, these will work out great. Now where were those instructions for converting the pencam to rocket use.....
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