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Both - nice collections.

Built many CMR kits back in my contest days , even set a US record with a mostly stock ELO on an Aerotech D7, forget the altitude but was the B division D Eggloft altitude record for some time.

Thanks for the ELO fin scan.... if you build, or can scan in the bag, would love info on the HYper, we had a bunch of those, and I still have two I thought were scratchbuilt, that might indeed,be Hyper kits.

See photo - unpainted, but painted ( reused ) fins.

These ( and the Pirate, sorry Sean ) are in a box of builtups still MIA, once I find em will post more info.and pics.

Good stuff CMR, only ones I still have are the Pirate, paratrooper ?, and a Manta... do have a capsule someplace, so maybe an ELO clone on the radar..... sigh, this jumping back in thing is getting out of hand

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