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Originally Posted by SEL
Hey Stan,
Do you remember when you bought this version of the Pirate?
Was it directly from CMR? Just trying to figure out a timeline for
When they made the switch.

On a side note: at some point CMR made a switch in the other direction
with the ‘Robin’ egglofter. They switched out the classic eliptical fins for a trapezoid fin shape (a bad move, in my opinion) and they look TINY! I’ll post a few comparative photos tomorrow. As with the ‘Pirate’, I’m not sure when the change was made, or why.



Sadly, I did not buy anything directly from CMR. In the mid to latter 90's, I purchased some lots of Roto-Rocket, FSI, and CMR stuff. I ended up with a really nice selection of CMR stuff, but I have no idea when it was originally purchased. I think that there's a Robin in that box too. Do you want any information from that one?

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