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Originally Posted by Right Wing Wacko
Put my Omega up in the air last weekend at the Olympic Peninsula 4-H Pasture Blasture event. It received oooh's and ahh's from a number of attendees.

I made two modifications to the stock bird. I installed a Semroc ejection baffle, as I put one in pretty much every rocket I build anymore. I also replaced the plastic chute with a 15" Florescent Orange Nylon chute.

I used a D12-0 Booster with E9-6 in the sustainer. It flew high and true, weather ****ing to the east a bit due to the winds at the time of launch. The booster was recovered a short distance from the launch pad, but I had a long walk of several hundred yards to recover the rocket. It was finally found in a patch of scrub brush. The added florescent orange chute was the only thing that made it visable.

Overall it was a great flight! Only one little downer, the Nose cone came off, probably during the recovery event and was lost. Because of this it was the only flight this rocket made that day. I'll have to order a couple spares from Carl on my next order.

I saw your Omega flight, sure put a smile on my face. Sorry about the NC.
make sure you come over next year , would love to see the Omega again.

BTW at Pasture Blaster we recorded 350 flights w/ 130 people in attendance and also 3 NAR L1 cert flights. Congrats to BEC Nice Flight!!!!

NAR #91135 L1
SAM #0037
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