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Originally Posted by JRThro

I didn't realize the Gremlin flew on D motors! It sure was a great day for flying, wasn't it?

And what a nice looking naked reverse-finned Fat Boy that is sitting on the pad next to your Gremlin!

Greg Deeter took some amazing pictures on Saturday, that's for sure.

(Psst, John. It's a GOBLIN, not a GREMLIN. The Gremlin was one of the ugliest cars AMC ever produced. Three girls that I dated drove Gremlins. One had a LEVI's interior. Gremlins had less power than a D engine. The woman I married drove a Gremlin that someone gave her because they felt sorry for her. Seems like something you'd do if you really hated that person, but I guess it was a step up from the Pinto.)
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