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If the decals at the base of the black tanks are SA-201, 202 or SA-204 they would need a Block 1 SM decal. The SA-204 was Apollo 1 and the booster was saved and later used to loft the LM in an unmanned launch with no CSM. Anything higher than 204 would have had the Block 2 CSM and would fit with your wrap. SA-205 was Apollo 7 (Centuri kit was modeled on it), 206-210 were for Skylab and ASTP flights.

I can't find any pics of original Estes 1/70 Saturn 1B decals. The 1/100 used the same SA-205 decal that it did when it was a Centuri kit. I believe the SA-207 decals I saw with the JimZ Estes plans were from the SEMROC kit.
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