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Default Short report 5-26-19

Hope everyone has a good Memorial day weekend. Don't forget to take time to say thanks for our brave fallen hero's.

We stopped at the National Cemetery this morning to place flowers at my parents graves.

Now for the report.

Had a lot of good flights, lost one , broke a fin on the Goblin

Launched the following
Mini fat boy, Mega Mosquito, Ricochet, Goblin.

The last one I don't know the name. Lost that one. It weather cocked down wind for whatever reason. I had a lot of confidence after the previous successful flights and recovery. Put a C6-6 (E sized casing). I knew it was lost the moment it left the pad and headed down wind towards the woods.

Anyhow here is an older picture of some of my rockets. The lost rocket is the largish one with the red nose cone in the center. The OCC Explorer.

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