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Cool Nice Defender There

Originally Posted by Newbomb Turk
I was able to get my inconsistent camera to briefly work, so I thought I would start a very Vanel-esque thread showing some of the builds I've completed since it stopped working. There will be one distinct difference to this thread as opposed to others of similar type: I plan to use my patented photography technique of only shooting the best view of the rocket, thereby hiding abundant flaws.

I'll start with a Defender clone, kitbashed from a CC Express, with a baffle from Semroc and decals from Excelsior. It's flown several times at club launches with great success.

I had this rocket when it first came out, but mainly flew it on the FSI E5s. Flew great on those, if a bit slow going up, but looked more 'missily' doing so.

Also recall having that main USAF decal dork up as I laid it too. Blah.
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