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Originally Posted by Ltvscout
I'm starting this thread for requests/ideas other than motors or kits.

Something that would be nice to see is a parts assortment pack like they had in the good old days. The assortment pack from Estes nowadays is a joke with leftover parts in it. There are companies like Red Arrow, BMS, Apogee and Flis offering partial parts assortments, but nothing like the complete assortments that Centuri and Estes use to offer in the late 60's.

My personal preference on those is to have larger packs of single items, rather than packs of varied items. I always end up with stuff that I just use up on something just to use it up. I also prefer the larger 34" tubes, rather than 18" tubes. Getting rid of the spirals is a good thing, too! Who likes filling spirals. Can't we just get rid of them? I got a couple of boxes of 34" tubes (BT-5 thru BT-60, 12 of each per box) from a guy on eBay and the spirals are almost non-existent. That's my idea of a parts pack! Having a variety of bulk packs like that would be great. A variety pack for cones would be cool, though, especially one that included futuristic cones like the Estes Futuristic Parts Assortment.
My 2 cents.
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