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Originally Posted by A Fish Named Wallyum
Fools and their money......


Oh well... that's the thing though... I'd rather they have the right to squander their money rather than have some idiot that "knows better" REDISTRIBUTE it for them...

I've gotten into arguments with folks foaming at the mouth about illegals working jobs here and then sending the money back home to Mexico to support their families or whatever... I'm like "SO what?? They've EARNED the money if they're working on a job (I've worked a few of those type jobs myself and I PROMISE you they earn every penny!) That money is THEIRS now to do with as THEY PLEASE... if that includes sending it back to Mexico to keep the wife and six kids in food and shoes, so be it... If we don't want them doing that, then we need to stop them from coming here in the first place..."

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