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Originally Posted by luke strawwalker
Meh... okay... Me-sa give up (in Jar-Jar Binks voice) LOL (ducking tomatoes thrown from the peanut gallery).

Wouldn't mind having a BAR. That'd be cool...

I just find it rather amusing, this discussion... "If all your friends were jumping off a cliff, would you jump off too?" comes to mind.

Everbody complains about the jackbooted thugs running this country coming down on folks with an iron fist, but then they go around doing stuff like this, and ADVERTISING IT, to draw unwanted attention and inflame the situation... can't have it both ways, boys...

I'd have thought having just finished ONE BIG FIGHT with the gubmint over 'stupid stuff' would have been enough. Just having the DOT wanting to eliminate the shipping exemptions on small motors awhile back was enough to get everybody riled up and sending form letters to their HQ... even got NAR involved and calling for a groundswell of support.

Now that we have them off our neck FOR AWHILE, lotsa folks want to wave off concerns about doing things the right way, and trying to keep from giving them a reason to stomp on us again... maybe next time a LOT worse...

Next time you get pulled over for speeding, try pointing out that EVERYBODY ELSE IS DOING IT on the freeway and speeding too, and see how far that gets you... "Yeah, but *I CAUGHT YOU!*"... LOL

I don't get it... but then it sorta reinforces my general conclusion that the human race sucks...

Good points ... I have yet to be a snitch-bitch on the shops that have shipped nor the ebay sellers that have shipped motors... one of these days I should just to keep me on the right side of things.

I did have people tell me that when I sent them motors, I was breaking the law, so I don't do it anymore! No seriously, I will not ship motors because I don't want to be the one that causes the house of cards to fall on all of us!

I would ASSUME that when I place an order with an on-line retailer they will ship within the proper laws?!

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