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Originally Posted by A Fish Named Wallyum
Then again, after seeing the big bucks paid for the Estes Oracle a few weeks back, this doesn't seem that far out.

There's one born every minute...

I remember a guy posting on TRF breaking his own arm patting himself on the back because he'd just ordered an "encrypted" keychain spy cam from some spy shop web store or something... supposedly encrypted file to make it legal evidence in court for use by private investigators, law enforcement, etc... He paid over $200 for it...

He was sick as a DOG when we told him, "so what? DUDE, you got BURNED! You can get those all day long from Hong Kong on FleaBay for like $10..."


Probably somebody saw that Oracle and thought "WOW!!! Coolest thing EVAH!" and bought into the line of crap the seller posted about it being "collectible" and "OOP" (without thinking maybe it was FOR A GOOD REASON!) and shelled out big bucks for a dud stud...

Later! OL JR
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