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Originally Posted by ScaleNut
so far Bel paper with HP ink no problems what so ever, but I am still on the first pack I purchased 2 yrs ago

I do know for a fact that the inks differ, HP ink is electronicaly charged to work as it does with an HP printer,, the colors, weight ,and viscosity are specific to different brands

all said,,,this indeeed sounds like a paper problem.

let us know what you can, as I've been very happy with Bel so far. but am running low

Originally Posted by Bob H.
I use Bels decal paper with a Lexmark printer and The Krylon acrylic clear. I have found that I have to use 3 fairly heavy coats of clear.

The water seepage problem your having sounds like it is not fully sealed. If there is any part of the topcoat that water can get through, it will, and ruin the decal.

I just tried printing a sheet with my mom's HP hydra, and I immediately got different results. The ink works much better, although I am still getting the bleeding effect when I start applying the decal.

Bob, I can see your point. The decal is not being sealed as it should be, and this might be a problem with my Acrylic coats not being thick enough. But I also think the paper has a flaw that might not be found in most of their sheets; in fact, I never had this kind of problem with my first pack from Bel...

ScaleNut, I was not fully aware of HP's electrostatic properties in their inks. It might have an effect on the ink sticking better to the paper. Like Bob, though, my Lexmark prints a beautiful image on the sheet, and it dries without cracking or showing any "orange peel". It just doesn't remain intact when the decal is dipped.

I'm going to try additional decals with this HP, and adjust the number of sprayed Acrylic layers. These last ones had four sprays, and they still bled, but only after applying the decal to the model. I'm going to try adding two more layers to the remaining decals. The spray I'm trying out this time is also a bit different, it has a different smell than the first cans and it dries much thinner. Maybe I'm just not building up the thickness enough.

When the new decal kit arrives, I'm going to try out the fixative spray they ship with it, and see if that makes any difference. They sure imply it will on the website. Interestingly, the SuperCal packages offer a similar fixative with their kits. Their's is applied with a pump sprayer, and they say you only apply one coat, just enough to make the whole sheet shine. Maybe this stuff 'changes' the properties of the ink somehow. I don't know. I'll find out when it gets here...

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