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Originally Posted by Bob H
I use Bels decal paper with a Lexmark printer and The Krylon acrylic clear. I have found that I have to use 3 fairly heavy coats of clear.

The water seepage problem your having sounds like it is not fully sealed. If there is any part of the topcoat that water can get through, it will, and ruin the decal.

I have started printing little test squares on my decal sheets and I dip those first. If I get any bleed through, I give the sheet another coat of clear.

Make sure you don't cut the decal too close to the printed image so that you break the seal.

The first time I ever used Bel papers was with an HP, and with three coats of clear, I had no problems either. But this package of papers has been anything BUT successful. Several sheets were visibly flawed; some of the sheets had NO coating at all in stripes, some of the individual sheets seemed to be half ink jet paper and half laser paper (the ink refused to dry on half of one sheet even after 48 hours!)...

That's why I'm not at all sure the printer (or its ink) is at fault. I really think the paper is the enemy this time. I attribute that to poor quality control.

I did cut close to the image, but I still left enough clear that there should not have been any bleeding. I might expect bleeding around the outer edges in that situation, but this stuff is cracking and bleeding from the middle outward. That means the water is getting in through the adhesive layer, not from around the outer edges.

If I get this kind of result from the HP, then I'll know for sure.

Craig McGraw
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