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Smile Another Source for Decal Papers

I'm ordering a starter pack from this company:

Size: 8.5"X11" (215.9mmX279.4mm)
Clear Waterslide Decal Paper Kit. For use in any desktop printer. (Not intended for use with DURAbrite or solvent based inks.)
Item # IAS8511GK

Pack of 5 sheets
Each sheet is 8.5" X 11"
2 fl oz decal fixative
6 foam pads.
Instructions included.
Use in any inkjet desktop printer.

Price: $12.65

This company shows their papers being used with Krylon Acrylic spray...

They also suggest (and sell, of course) a "fixative" that makes the decals thin, but strong. I won't know until I receive the kit if they intend for the fixative to take the place of the acrylic. Their web site information seems to suggest this.

This company does indicate their papers are not compatible with Epson DuraBRITE inks, as these are solvent-based and not water-based.

I did look at the SuperCal web pages, but I think I'll save ordering any of their papers until the very last. The papers are $4.00 a sheet (8.5 x 11), which is 4x the price of any other decal sheet. It may eventually prove to be the ONLY option left, but until then, I'll save it for later.

Now, here's the big kicker for all who need a printed chrome or gold foil:

Inkjet Silver/Chrome Metallic Self-Adhesive Polyester
Size: 8.5"X11" (215.9mmX279.4mm)
Pack of 5 Sheets
Color: Metallic high gloss Chrome/Silver
Item # SAP8511G5

PERMANENT Self-adhesive

Some general info about Gold and Silver Polyester self-adhesive film.
This is a 3 MIL quality inkjet printable metallic poly-film.
Now you can use any desktop inkjet printer to make metallic looking placards and signs in shiny gold and silver. You can print onto this film in black and white or in colors. Color images will look great on the silver/chrome film but the gold film is more suitable for printing awards, diplomas and other signs of similar nature using black ink. But the gold film will of course also accept colors.

Price: $9.89

They have a similar pack with the gold foil...

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