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Exclamation New Design -- Centuri Vector-V 1.37X

Along with resurrecting this build over in the "Projects" forum, I hammered out this RockSim file today.

While the ST-7 and -13 tube diameters upscale 1.37X to ST-10 and -18, I fudged the PR-1018 transition and ST-1830 tube lengths a little bit. The transition is 2" long, and the body tube is an even 3" long. So technically the fins have been upscaled only 1.33X so they won't extend .0825"(less than 1/12") past the end of the body tube.


Here's the basic parts list for the Centuri Vector-V 1.37X upscale, for those of you who are interested.

Components by Semroc

1 BC-1041G nose cone
1 SE-10 screw eye
1 ST-10130 body tube -- 13.0" L -- 8.25" exposed -- 0.25" recessed
1 PR-1018 paper reducer -- 2.0" L
1 ST-1830 body tube -- 3.0" L
3 CR-1018 centering rings -- 0.05" T
1 EM-710 engine mount with motor hook
1 HTC-11 -- 1.25" L
1 Fin set -- 1.33X -- 3/32" T balsa
1 Vanes -- 1.37X -- 1/16" T basswood

1 PN-14 14" nylon parachute

Additionally, I recommend *only* using the B6-4 and C6-5 motors with this rocket.

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