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Originally Posted by hcmbanjo
I really like Pic 4 in the first group, the two stager.
That, and the first one in the second group! The Hornet on is my favorite.

Two questions -
1. What software do you use to draw these with?

2. Being from Bradenton, do you fly at any Florida section launches?
I should be at the Tampa TTRA this Saturday with the JonRocket trailer.

Great work - keep them coming!

I do all the 3D modeling in a free prog called Wings3D (recommended, if you have a taste for that sort of thing) and then I export finished models from there to another prog (not free) called Swift3D by Electric Rain, where I add textures, materials, scenery & lighting. It's a great prog to interface with Flash (CS6 - the latest) to produce animations and the like, as well.

I have not been out to any of these launches, although not for lack of desire.
The few launches as a BAR I have done have been on my own (me and Cuzzin' Mike, that is!)
I doubt that I could make it this weekend, but who knows...?
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