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Originally Posted by CPMcGraw

Over the last few days, an attempt has been made to create a complete set of component database files (CSV files) for SEMROC items. Small sections of this work has already been posted, but as we check our work, we're finding measurement precision errors in the entries. The problem is easy to correct, but it is equally easy to slip through the cracks.

The new file, attached below, is the full set of body tubes as offered on the SEMROC website. It is being put here for review, so wait before we announce an "all clear" to install it.

I hadn't run across any errors in the previously posted files yet but I've only used the components in two designs so far that I'm updating for BARCLONE. I kept a complete back up of my v9 install and it's easy enough to load the original component files back in. That's one thing I really like about RockSim is the ease in moving data in and out of the databases by editing the csv files.

Craig, a big thanks to you and Bill for you efforts with producing these component files!

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