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Originally Posted by zog139
Hey Bob do you get them local or do you order on-line? I've checked locally and can not find them, I've also looked on-line maybe not in the right places though ? I've never searched by brand name just always looked for cross-lock swivels.

Right click and VIEW IMAGE, and you'll see the web site I get them from. It's a kite company, will take you right to the page. I've found the small to medium size ones by checking fishing tackle stores, but the larger ones I've only found online.

Again, the key thing to look for is the pigtail at the end of the clip, rather than the straight safety pin style wire. Do **NOT** use any thing that looks like the "safety" swivel on that page. They WILL fail.

One more thing. Kaplow Klips, do you have a reference to them on-line somewhere? I.E. what gauge brass to use with what motor classes etc. includes Kaplow Klip info. Like so many other things, I've used "That Looks About Right" to size them. And you can always use things like fender washers, storm door clips, or other odd hardware store parts if you're not into making your own.
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