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Default Estes Renegade - Booster Mods?


I just picked up an Estes Renegade (#2109) last night, and I figured I'd read up a little on other's build experiences;

According to the reviews and the flight logs, it looks like a lot of folks see damage to the booster sine it's so heavy. I had an idea on modifying the whole kit, but I wanted to bounce the idea off someone else first. I'm just getting back into the hobby after a 20-year hiatus.

Here's my plan;

I was thinking of moving the booster pods (BT-50s with cones) and the larger wings that carry the BT-5 cone pods up to the main body as opposed to the original design, mounted on the booster section. I know this will move the CP forward a little, but do you think I can compensate with a little more weight in the nose?

I'd hate to go through all the effort to build it that way and find out it's unstable.

Thanks for your input.

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