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Originally Posted by CPMcGraw
What body tubes are available for the 15mm and 10mm motors? These look like they could generate some interesting models.

Something I thought about as a possible sideline item -- Pre-packaged deployment charges (not delay chains) for use with electronic triggers, each with specific amounts of pyro, and with two firing ports (one at each end) for redundancy triggering. Not exactly what we'd be using with our smaller models, but possibly for some of those upper-end 29mm birds...

I see the DECAPs used for the 13mm and 10mm motors, but can this be adapted for the 18mm as well? Or does the pressure generated in the 18mm package exceed the limits for whatever adhesive/mechanical fixatives will be used?

One of the first things I did when stumbling back into the hobby in 2001 was buy a bunch of Apogee cones, rings and tubes. Somewhere in my shop I've got a mess of 10mm tubing that was part of the deal. I was all excited when I got the tubes, but he almost immediately ditched the 10mm motor line, so my excitement was short-lived. Guess I have to dig again.
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