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Originally Posted by rkt2k1
I am also working on Semroc Balsa Tube Adapters. These are solid balsa so I believe they should fall into the Bulkhead parts file.

Agreed. They are bulkheads, and that's also what Estes called theirs -- bulkheads.

...any thoughts on the Autosize field associated with bulkheads, adapters, centering rings etc. Should it be set to enabled (1) or disabled (0)?

Set it to DISABLED if you specify the ID and OD. I think all this does is set or clear the check box on the dialog, but we want folks to have our dimensions stay fixed normally.

If you happen to start working on Transitions, remember to do TWO versions of each -- one drawn with the small diameter to the left, and the other with the small diameter to the right. Small D on the left will be the "normal" transition. Use "[R]", or "reversed', in the Description for the second one.

Also, remember that nose cones can now be used as tail cones! These need to be saved in the Transition (or Reducer) category as well, with the shoulder to the left side. Set the "small diameter" to 0.0001", and clear the shoulder dimensions for that end.
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