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Originally Posted by jeffyjeep
Looks like a good lineup! I definitely need razor plane training--I truly suck at using one. That's why I've had to get so good at doing built-up fins.

I'll bring my razor plane, blades, balsa and basswood pieces, and a tourniquet.

See you there!

I recently used my David Combi hand plane. Itís the tool John Boren of Estes uses. Iíve had it for a couple years, but it gets very little use. Iím trying to change that. At this point, I can use it to ďvery roughlyĒ do some profiling or tapering. I still do the bulk of the work by hand sanding. I have several Great Planes sanding tools for hand sanding. The biggest issue I have is trying to hold a relatively small piece of balsa stationary while using the plane. Taping the balsa down does help.

Hope the presentation provides some useful techniques.
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