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Originally Posted by CPMcGraw
Jay, if you're reading this, did you ever run the Tau Zero with this changed setting?
What's interesting about the Tau Zero is that the main body tube is actually *smaller* in diameter than the "base" of the nose cone, since the nose cone and "transition" are turned as a single piece.

I had RockSim guru Bruce S. "teflonrocketry1" Levison take a look at a relatively functional RS file that I'd cobbled together of the TZ. He said I'd done pretty good in working up a fairly complex design (or something to that effect), and he only tweaked about 4 elements of it to make it "better."

One of the things he did was to change the "Nose Cone Base" setting to the "Reference Base Diameter," and specified the outer diameter of the ST-7 body tube, which is 0.759".

So I guess my Tau Zero is the exception to *this* rule!

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