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Originally Posted by barone
Something to keep in only get about 15-16 seconds of video with the AstroVision....

I managed 17-18 seconds with mine, but the point is taken. The box says "launch to landing coverage", which is clearly misleading. On this "D" bird, it takes nearly 8 seconds to reach the moment of deployment (about 2+ seconds of burn, and 5 seconds of delay), but once the parachute pops out, it may take over 60 seconds to reach the ground.

Even with the "snapshot mode", with only three snaps per flight at 1.5 second intervals, you will take all three snaps well before reaching apogee.

The technology of the AV is about three or four years behind the curve; even cell phones from two years ago have better video capability. What the AV has to offer is price - it's relatively cheap if you get one with the HL coupon. I don't think I would have ever shelled out $80 for it, more likely opting for one of those Aipteks instead. Two, if the refurbished prices are still holding.

What this camera needs badly is a better frame rate and an SD card slot, so that we could swap out the memory for each flight.
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