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Originally Posted by snaquin

Picked up my AstroVision today at Hobby Lobby with the 40% off coupon. Funny story ..... I took my wife with me to the Hobby Lobby in Hammond today. While I was in the check out line she glanced over at the price tag and said "Hey, how much is that rocket"? When I whipped out my 40% off coupon and it discounted the price of the rocket by $28.00 she said, "hey that's not such a bad deal". I sent her back with another 40% off coupon to pick up a pack of D12-5's.

I'm interested in this BARCLONE design and I'd like to build a dedicated D engine booster. I do want to fly the AstroVision at our launch Nov. 17th so I'll probably put it up on it's first few flights with my EnerJet 1340 booster with a Semroc EM-9115 adapter, since that's what I have already built with Semroc series 13 tubing. I'm interested to see the other booster designs you come up with.

Also, I weighed my AstroVision camera tonight on my scale and with the batteries loaded and flight ready it is 1.4oz. Much lighter than I thought it would be.


Nice going, Steve! Those coupons do come in handy for "special" purchases...

Translation: She can use 'em, too...

Now I can run the sim over again and get a more accurate profile...

The altitude came to 1138' with a slightly reduced Dv, down to 24 FPS, when burning the D12-5.

Interesting outcome with the C11-5. I get 565' with a Dv of 8 FPS. That's a really nice, clean flight with low velocity over the top.

Both motors seem to need a 48" x 3/16" rod with this bird, as they take at least 33" of guide length to reach flight V. An extra 12" wouldn't hurt.

What I really want is a "D" bird that Dv's below 10 FPS, and still gets off easily on a 36" rod. This one comes close, but I want the next one to be a little quicker on the launch.
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