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Originally Posted by CPMcGraw
Jay Goemmer emailed me with the heads-up. Change the setting on the first tab "Rocket Design Attributes" where it says "Static Margin Reference" from the default setting of "Nose Cone Base Diameter" to "Maximum Frontal Diameter". Everything else being equal, this should bring a loaded margin (with a D12-5) to about 5. The base diameter of the nose cone is actually larger in this case than the body tube, which is what RockSim normally defaults to. Empty margin comes to 8.

Jay put this info in another thread not too long ago, and I just forgot to make this change. I used his NC drawing method to produce the AV shape.

Thanks Jay / Craig

Jay shot me an email too. I'm going to have to make a mental note to check that feature in some of my designs. That's the same feature that Carl just tweaked on the two Semroc Laser-X design files he had too that showed the wrong margins.

I threw out a contest entry for EMRR one time because I couldn't figure out what was causing this to happen and I don't ever remember the maximum frontal diameter feature ever being covered in one of the Apogee newsletters.

Good to know & thanks guys!

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