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Originally Posted by aeopav
Greetings all,

Mail call today saw the arrival of the SLS Laser X. I'm like a kid in a candy store right now!
Many, many thanks go out to Philip for giving me the deal of a lifetime on this one. He returned from a hurricane evacuation to God only knows what kind of damage, and thought enough of this community to promptly do this. I think it speaks volumes as to the kind of people on this forum.

Be on the lookout for a post from me within the next couple of weeks. I'm going to pay it forward.

Best Regards,

Looking forward to a build thread! I fly mine sparingly now that it's no longer available. Flies great on 4xC6, and a single E16 or F15. Largest I've flown is an F27 once, that was fun! If you want any building tips, just ask, I've built 2.
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