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Originally Posted by snaquin
I hope you are doing well my friend.
Same here with the post Ida cleanup and damage to my property. The NE eyewall of that storm passed very near Tangipahoa Parish where I live we just got electricity back the other day and internet is still out.
I hope you didnít have much damage and can recover promptly from this that was one hell of a storm we got hit with Ö..

The Semroc SLS Laser X and the SLS Brighton are the only two SLS kits that I never purchased. Iíd like to see yours fly here in Louisiana at a launch on an F26FJ Ö hell, Iíll even supply the motor!

Hi Steve, good to hear from you. I was one of the lucky ones with minimal damage, just fences and tree debris. My in-laws who live a few blocks away had major roof damage, that started to leak. Lots of houses with roof damage. My mom in Abita had a large tree go down, lucky for her it took out the neighbors house instead of her house. She lost her house to flooding back in 2005, so grateful not this time. We evacuated to Houston on Saturday with cat, 2 guinea pigs and a 11 year old. Took 12 hours

I plan to make it to TRA-LA launch next weekend. Weather looks to be nice.
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