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Originally Posted by snaquin
I hope you are doing well my friend.
Same here with the post Ida cleanup and damage to my property. The NE eyewall of that storm passed very near Tangipahoa Parish where I live we just got electricity back the other day and internet is still out.
I hope you didnít have much damage and can recover promptly from this that was one hell of a storm we got hit with Ö..

The Semroc SLS Laser X and the SLS Brighton are the only two SLS kits that I never purchased. Iíd like to see yours fly here in Louisiana at a launch on an F26FJ Ö hell, Iíll even supply the motor!


Good to hear from you and to know you all are all right, but sorry for the property damage. No fun doing the cleanup certainly but worse alternatives are even more sad. Glad you all are not in the latter category.

Good luck with cleanup work. I hope you are able to get some help with that.

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