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I'm going to call this one done.

I wasn't really happy with the finish. I wanted to avoid adding lots of weight, so I skipped the filler primer. I used one coat of spread on Titebond III to stiffen the bristles, sanded it, and one coat of sandable primer. It hardly filled the grain and did almost nothing to blend the fillets.

And, it was an unnecessary optimization. I measured how much mass I actually added to the body. (The nose was kept separate, since it was already nearly polished, and needed little finishing work.) After assembly, but before finishing, the body massed 15.6 g. After primer, paint, decals, and floor finish as clear coat, the final mass was 20g. I added 4.6 g. I would have been happy adding more filler primer to fill the grain and sanding most of it off. I suspect it would have been added fairly uniformly and not shifted the center of mass too much. Besides, I could have added mass to the nose. I think I'll reserve these weight reduction optimizations for gliders.

But, with the decals, it does kind of look like a distant cousin of the Interceptors. But, just not a close family member.
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