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Originally Posted by BEC
I did some digging but for some reason I can't come up with my reissue Estes Goblin with the plastic nose cone. Here are my original Goblin (which was built but unfinished for over 30 years) and one built from the Semroc repro kit which was released just after eRockets bought Semroc. Nose cone closeup is in the same order - original BNC-55AO on left, Semroc interpretation on the right.

I'm wondering if anyone can put together a comparison of the Semroc repro cone vs. the Estes wood BNC-55AO that was used on the Phoenix Bird and Sky Warrior, possibly others I haven't identified yet.

This is the Sky Warrior parts layout. Cone looks a little more like the PNC-55AO in the recently discontinued Goblin kit than the Semroc cone in Bernard's photo does, I think.
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