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Default 3D Printing Companies

Can we get a single thread full list of 3D printing companies that cater to our hobby, and maybe list the type of printing and plastic? I can think of three, but I know that there are more. If you post something that needs to be added and I don't get it edited into the list after a few days, remind me with a PM.

Companies that do 3D printing for Model Rocketry

Boyce Aerospace Hobbies (DLP resin)

eRockets/SEMROC (Prusa 3D printers - FDM and SLA)


Galactic Manufacturing (Form 2, Form 3 SLA resin printers)

Really Koo Stuff

Rocketship Games (micromaxx)

Space Crafter eBay Store (See this thread for description of her services.)

NewWay Space Models (micro models and some parts)

Companies that host Model Rocketry 3D files for personal printing.

MakerBot Thingiverse

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