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Originally Posted by tbzep
It looks like a nice little product with a pretty good following already. Russ seems like the type that will continue to tweak things to make it better as time passes.

I've had several iterations of the hardware during beta (beginning in late March). The last two have really made it nicer (and more rugged and smaller/lighter). The firmware has been improved a number of times over that period as well. I have also seen the interface/control app improve greatly, especially with the move to the "universal" code base (iOS/Android).

I suspect after Russ gets out from under the backlog of shipping 200 of these out he will be further improving the firmware, the interface app and the flight log on the web site, as well as working on some interesting follow-on products. And, of course, he'll be shipping out the next batch as well when they come.

One FS Mini has also been sent to the NAR contest board chairman for his testing, so at least the process of getting it approved for NAR competition (and record-setting) use is underway.

added: speaking of follow-on products, he just made public the other three things he's been working on:
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