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Default WI-ROC / WrE / 2018 / Misc.

Here are some Miscellaeous Pictures of related WI-ROC topics.
1st --That's a 1/10 downscale of the WI-ROC to be flown at
The MARCH MADNESS MICRO-MAXX MADNESS Launch coming up 3/3/2018 at The SOD FARM
Micro WI-ROC is seen here next to full scale nose cone and body tube in primer.

2nd -- Here's a picture of the bamboo skewers that Rex R. was talking about a while ago.
Rex is right ! They are really handy for spreading glue and resin. and if you ever want to make tempura, they're a must.

3rd -- We went down to NIRCON 2018 in Woodstock, Il. Rocket Master Bob Kaplow gave a demo on cutting centering rings and bulkheads. I followed Bob's lead, and made a batch of plywood cookies. Shown BEFORE & AFTER the Great Epoxy Flood.

I have a new experiment in mind. :
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