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Default WI-ROC / WrE / 2018 / NYLO-GLAS

A long time ago I read about using nylon stockings as the fiber in fiber glas.
Not sure if that's technically fiber glass, more like Nylo-Glas. That's what I'm calling it NYLO- GLAS
So ,Step#1 --sand the shine off the glassine top layer of the tubes. This promotes good adhesion of the nylon to the paper below.I used a couple different sponge sanders. the roughest was 80 the smoothest was 150.
Step #2 -- pull nylon stocking over tube and tie knot in both ends. The nylon was stretched slightly so that it had good contact with the tube. The end knots hold the tension. Nylon is a pretty fine mesh but it's not as absorbent as fiber glass cloth. The cylindrical nature of the nylon stocking is a great advantage in even distribution around the air frame.
Step #3 --Both of the original tubes ready for the resin. I also made another 30 inch length of NYLO-REZ enforced LOC 2.6 inch diameter tube. This was cut in half to make two additional 15 inch PAYLOAD SECTIONS.
I chose ZAP Z- POXY Finish Resin to bond the nylon to the paper. I don't know if there's something better. This was the brand available at the hobby store just west of here. It has a 40 minute cure time. It leveled itself real well, and did not run excessively. I made an effort to keep the resin coat thin and even. Applied with brush. Relatively low viscosity.
It seems to have worked perfectly in this case. Had to sand the NYLO-GLAS smooth, as it had lots of little irregularities. Still needs primer but no can do in WI WEATHER.

At this point, the finish while rough is strong as hell. and mostly water proof. I'll settle for that.The NYLO-GLAS added about 3-4 ounces of weight to the air frame. Not bad at all.
Stay tuned for further adventures coming soon.
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