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Default Wi-roc / WrE / 2018 / BAFFLE

WI-ROC It's Baffling
I decided to do another experiment on this here rocket:
Build and install a deployment Baffle.
A well designed baffle will improve parachute deployment and definitely add to the life of the chute and THE JOLLY LOGIC CHUTE RELEASE that I want to use on the rocket. It's a little bit more weight. But I'm not concerned about weight . As long as it's stable, and it will be, this rocket could actually be used to load a J motor and go for level 2. So I made the baffle out of 1/8 inch plywood, 3 half pipe panels rotated 120 degrees, and spaced 1 inch apart spiral mounted inside a joiner tube (epoxy) attached to the end of the motor mount tube (epoxy again). I had to split the bottom 30 X 2.6 inch body tube to make sure the baffle and motor tube assembly was properly placed. Now I have a new experiment in mind about strengthening that seam....and everything else on the air frame. LOC included a generous nylon shock cord which will play a primary roll in the baffle system. I attached a BIG swivel also from LOC . Probably too big but again a little weight for a good spin. and it looks real nice at the end of that shock cord.

Low Resin Rendezvous

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