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Hey Kevin,

I chatted with you a bit as we were closing the range down - that's a bummer for sure, most of us club members have lost birds in the tall grass at Bong. I don't have time to get out there, but sometimes, if enough time is spent, rockets like these can be found. Occasionally, they get turned into the Ranger, and if you have your name and phone # on there, they'll call. If not, it's worth a call somewhere down the road to see if it has been found & turned in. I've been flying with the club for years, but didn't start using the club tracker until recently, after losing some, and having too many close calls. A tracker won't guarantee recovery (trees & marshes), but they increase odds significantly.

I know this doesn't help, but it is sort of a rite-of-passage at Bong. Most of us, myself included, realized how tall the plants get out there in summer, until having to walk through them.

Lastly, get yourself on the club e-mail list (details on the website). It gets seen by more club members than this forum.

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